This past month, I went to the Channel Islands with my classmates from the MAD Academy (Multimedia Arts & Design). 

We boarded the small boat, named the “Conception”, and sailed off to the islands around 12 am. 

We have small bunks underneath the ship that we shared with another person. The space was small, but my bunkmate and I still managed to cram our bodies into the bunks with all of our luggage.

6 hours later, I was woken up by one of my friends to go above deck and watch the sunrise. I walked up the steps, still half asleep and trying not to trip as the boat swayed back and forth. I finally made it, and saw how close we were to Santa Cruz- one of the Channel Islands. The sky was painted with red, orange and pink. In that moment, I felt so fortunate to be there, and not behind my desk at school. 

I hadn’t felt that certain feeling since I had attended SBMS, and it was good to feel it again. My friend met us above deck with his guitar and started to play some music for us. It was the best I had ever felt in a long time. 

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