This past weekend I went to Gaviota, California located near Santa Barbara with my boyfriend Nico. It was kind of a random idea, and we decided to go for it. I was up for an adventure and I had never been to Gaviota before. Gaviota is known for its beautiful beaches and state parks. It’s also a great place to go camping and hiking. We packed up all of our cameras (Minolta, Canon, Polaroid, Fujifilm disposable- all film, no digitals) and other essentials. Before driving down, we stopped by Pacific Crepes, a small place on Anacapa in downtown Santa Barbara. We both got the nutella, strawberry and banana crepes with whipped cream. But Nico also got Escargot, which, you guessed it- were snails. They are French cuisine. Neither of us had ever tried it before so we went for it. It wasn’t that bad!

We drove down in Lux (my car) and decided to go to a small campground where there was a huge bridge that trains occasionally pass over. We stopped in a little rocky, dirt area and started driving in circles in my car (which is 4 wheel drive) and made a huge cloud of dust behind us.

At the campground, we walked to the beach with our bags. The beach was so beautiful! It was very secluded, and not very crowded.

Nico and I packed portable hammocks in our bags that he had gotten from REI. We walked over to the bridge that I mentioned earlier, and climbed up a little bit. It was kind of scary, I was praying to not fall. I had no idea how to set them up, but Nico did so I had him do all of the work. It was a difficult process to get both of them set up, but it was worth it in the end.

We sat in our hammocks, talked and enjoyed the view. We took a lot of pictures that are featured above. 

We tried to swing from our hammocks from the top of the railing to the ground. I accidentally did that with both sides still attached so I ended up dangling in the air upside down hanging on for my life. Nico thought it was funny so he took a picture of it instead of helping me. HAHA.

I went from this:

To this:

 At one point Nico poured a whole bottle of water over my head so of course I had to do the same to him. When I got him wet though, he just jumped into the ocean after.

Of course, when we were walking back to the car I realized my car keys weren’t in my pocket. I swore I put them in my bag

so Nico checked but couldn’t find them. I walked back to the spot we were at but couldn’t find them ANYWHERE- I was convinced we were going to be stuck in Gaviota overnight. When I gave up, I walked back to Nico and double checked the bag he was carrying. Guess what? They were in there the whole time. Of course. Besides that whole ordeal, it was such a fun day.

We ended up going back to my car soaking wet, sunburnt and covered in sand. It was great.

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