This past year I was #blessed enough to find Lux, the name of my new baby (2007 4-Door white Jeep Wrangler).

She has been my dream car for YEARS -seriously, probably since I was in the 7th grade- and I was lucky enough to find her.

One of my mom’s very good friends was moving to Europe and needed to sell her car before she left. So my prayers were answered and I was gifted with the most beautiful car in the world thanks to my parents.

The first day I got her was great. I was waiting for my mom to pick me up after volleyball practice and then all of the sudden I hear a whole bunch of honking and look up. I see my mom drive up in the Jeep (which at the time, was a convertible). I couldn’t believe what was happening. I cried and screamed and jumped into the passenger’s seat. I wasn’t quite sure if it was mine yet, but it was!

She was a little bit of a fixer-upper when we first got her. She didn’t have a roof, so we had to use one of those tie on tarps as a roof. We didn’t know how to tie it properly so it kept flapping in the wind whenever we drove it making the most ANNOYING noise. Eventually, we got a black hard top installed.

Also, there was randomly a missing seatbelt missing in the back that we had to get installed as well.

And she was SO DIRTY. There were dirt and leaves and cobwebs in it from not being used in so long that we had to have every inch detailed.

After that, she was perfect! I was so excited to have a car of my own.

Since then I’ve had SO many adventures with Lux!

I’ve only had her for a couple months but have taken her to the top of El Camino Cielo, Lizards Mouth, and Gaviota for a day trip. Also went off roadin a couple times.

She’s a sturdy, (almost) indestructible car that could easily fit about 10 people comfortably if we really tried.

She is also is a great chair to sit on and enjoy the view or a table to have lunch on

My biggest problem with Lux is that she is a SERIOUS gas guzzler. It’s very annoying. I have to fill her up about every 4-5 days. I go insane every time the gas light dings on my dashboard.

The trunk is also very spacey and a great place to take naps. I leave 2 blankets and a pillow back there just in case of an emergency if I need to crash for a half hour or so.

My Jeep is also apart of a squad: two Mercedes and a Honda. Their names are Sasha, Audrey & Mariah.

Their owners are the fabulous Groovemaster, Killitkels, & Lgdaddy

We even got our own keychains that say “IV” on the front (which is 4 in Roman numerals) because we call ourselves Fab Four. The backside says the name of each of our cars.


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