Ahhh, Coachella… fondly remembered by me as “That One Time A$AP Rocky Jumped On Me And Almost Broke My Neck”

See video below.

This past weekend, I went to Coachella for the first time ever. I went with my two friends Natasha and Nico.

Here was the lineup for this year’s festival:coachella-2016-lineup-550

Coachella is a 2 weekend musical festival down in Indio, California. Each year, about 90,000 people buy tickets to the 3-day festival in the desert. And also: it’s SO HOT. Well I mean, thats expected because it IS in the middle of the desert.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.59.48 PM

The annoying thing was, once it got dark out, it would be freezing. You just had to suck it up though because obviously I was not going to be carrying around an extra set of clothes with me all day for the nighttime.

We left early to get to our hotel. Coincidentally, I had stayed at the same hotel years before when I was a kid for a vacation. It was a super nice hotel with pools, waterslides, golf course, and even a lazy river.

Some people who go to Coachella don’t stay at hotels, but camp right outside the festival in tents. Some people had some pretty dope setups. The days we had to walk through the campsite to the entrance, we made some friends along the way.

The festival started at 11 but we never really showed up until about 2PM. We stayed at the hotel and sat by the pool and ordered food. I’m pretty sure our diet from the weekend consisted mostly of french fries.

The first day of Coachella was amazing. The first thing we did was get a ride by one of the bike riders with a little carriage-type thing hooked onto the back because the walk to the entrance of the festival is basically unbearable in the heat.


Once we got inside, the first thing we did was go on the ferris wheel. The price for a ticket was $8 per person- ridiculous – so Natasha played her cards and persuaded the security to let us on for free. Bless up.

Not only is Coachella a music festival but also an art festival. There were a lot of cool art exhibits there that we got to check out. FullSizeRender-1

Also… tons of great food


I saw so many great performances. I also made many new friends! One of my favorite performances was Jack Ü:

It felt like the WHOLE FESTIVAL was behind me for that one performance

I had never experienced something so wild before. It was like a whole new world. Almost everybody there was friendly. I also ran into a few friends from back from Santa Barbara who we hung out with during the day.

Saturday was the best day of all 3 days. I saw Ice Cube, RL Grime and also Kendrick Lamar did a surprise performance. It was CRAZY. Everyone was going wild.

One of my favorite performances was The Chainsmokers. They had all kinds of wild lasers and set ups on the stage. It was amazing.

Overall, Coachella was such an amazing experience! I loved every second of it. Even on the third day when I felt like I was gonna pass out because I was so exhausted. And lost my GoPro. And $200.

TIP: don’t bring expensive things you know you will lose. MAJOR KEY!!!!!!!



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