This past weekend, I went to Lizards Mouth with a couple of my friends up by San Marcos Pass.

Although it’s usually a 30 minute drive from  downtown Santa Barbara, it took me & my friends about a full hour and a half to finally get there thanks to my direction skills. (It was actually the GPS’s fault, it took us all the way to the END of El Camino Cielo instead of the beginning!)

It was my friends first time going there, and he was really excited to see it for the first time.

It is personally my favorite place in Santa Barbara because it is so beautiful. It’s so fun to jump around on the rocks there and go adventuring.

When we finally got up there it was around 3:00PM and I had probably just wasted half a tank of gas thanks to the crappy gas mileage on my Jeep Wrangler. Still love you anyways Lux.

We adventured around on the rocks and into caves where we looked at the graffiti. (It wasn’t really any good graffiti, just a whole bunch of stupid things people wrote on the cave walls).

We took so many pictures (that yet to be developed!) on some disposable Fujifilm cameras. We also a stack of polaroids,

Right next to lizards mouth, there is a shooting range. You can hear the gunshots over and over again, and it got kind of annoying. It distracted me from the beauty of the view.

We saw rock climbers practicing with a whole group. They were climbing up rocks on the tiny, TINY ridges that barely held them up by their gripping fingertips. There was a soft landing pad underneath them in case they fell.

While we were resting in a cave trying to hide from the sun, we were surprised to see a friend. He somehow found us in the vast array of endless boulders and caves.

After about an hour of adventuring through the rocks, we rested at the top of “lizards mouth”, a rock that is shaped like an actual lizard; Also why the whole place is named Lizards Mouth.

I also went to Lizard’s Mouth the weekend before. It was SO foggy that it seemed likeI was walking on was the surface of Mars.

The fog was never-ending and it was like I was in a different world. You could barely see 5 feet in front of you. The drive up there was so difficult,  I thought we were going to drive right off the edge of the cliff. We made it up the mountain anyways, and put on our layers of jackets and made our trek up the many rocks.

Although you couldn’t see the beautiful view of Santa Barbara from the top, it was still so cool to walk around the rocks with the thick fog.

Afterwards, we met up with our friends at the top of the mountain and drove down to IN-N-OUT in Goleta. We all got fries and burgers and milkshakes and enjoyed the amazing fast food.


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