This weekend me and my friend Nico went to the small town of Summerland, California. We explored the train tracks down by the ocean and the cool graffiti that was painted everywhere. We found caves that were filled with graffiti and had a beautiful ocean view.


Right in front of the little cave under the train tracks, we found small wooden planks that jutted out from the side of the cliff. Although it looks dangerous, it SEEMED pretty sturdy so we walked out to the edge and sat and enjoyed the beautiful view. I tripped and fell at one point, and almost sent both of us flying off the edge. Other than that, we were safe. Even though I got a few splinters.


This was the cave I was talking about. It’s the space right underneath the train tracks. Underneath, there is graffiti where people left their mark. There is also a nice, shady sitting space. The graffiti had so many colors and was so interesting to look at. This place is also where some homeless people hangout. There were old shoes, suitcases, and other random things scattered around. If you were to look up onto the cliff above the train tracks, you would see where a lot of homeless people set up camp. There are tents that lay on the rocks that just from the cliff and other areas where its safe to have a mobile home.


It’s kind of a dangerous area, because they have to walk down the cliff with a backpack full of things without falling. They stash their bikes on the cliff where nobody would find them. It’s a very beautiful area with a very beautiful view. I love the curves and edges on this side of the cliff, nature’s artwork.


After a while, we spontaneously decided to jump into the ocean. It was such a hot day and the ocean seemed like it was calling our names. We jumped in without any hesitation.


Down at the beach, we looked up and were surprised to see some artwork that seemed very, very familiar.

Also, to the right of the artwork is the space where the graffiti cave was. We had to climb all the way down from there to get to the beach. I fell 10 times and almost broke my lens.



If you ever decide to take a trip to the train tracks in Summerland, just remember:

beware of the trains.

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