This week I’m gonna switch up my blog theme a little & talk about my birthday that just passed this past month!

A couple of weeks ago, my three bestest friends decided to surprise me for my 16th birthday with a girls day full of shopping, manicures and – of course – an expensive sushi date. We decided to go to Sakana, the BEST sushi place within approximately a 70.1 mile radius until you hit Malibu, where you’ll find Nobu.

We sat down at our table and barely even needed to review the menu before we knew what we wanted. We ordered a bunch of appetizers including the seaweed salad, miso soup, white rice, edamame, sushimi and the – HIGHLY recommended – shrimp popcorn. It’s basically expensive, high quality deep fried heaven that you won’t feel guilty about eating afterwards.

Following the appetizers, we ordered our main course. Of course we all ordered the popular Yellowtail Habenero Pressedbox that it basically Sakana’s staple roll, that everyone should try at least once in their life. It’ll make your tastebuds explode (in a good way). Their food will take you on a TRIP. We also searched the menu for the most expensive sushi roll to order as a special birthday treat- which was the Toro Box. We didn’t even check the menu to see what was inside of it, we already knew it was going to be GOOD. And it was!

If you ever find yourself at Sakana, I would definitely not keep it safe and go with a the simple California Roll! Step out of your comfort zone, every roll there is amazing so you won’t be disappointed. If you still are unsure and want to keep it simple, I recommend the Light & Healthy roll on their menu.

Before we left, the staff surprised me with a free-of-charge birthday sweet, which was a green tea icecream sundae. To simply put it, it was amazing. My friends sang me “Happy Birthday”, which was a little embarrassing in a room full of people.

When the check came, we didn’t even look at it because we were too scared to see the price. My dad paid for our meal as a birthday gift, thanks Billy!!!

Also, as a birthday gift my friend Nico gave me an $150 gift card to Sakana…  …. Bless him.

Although the food at Sakana is pricey, it is worth it! I could eat there every day of my life and never get sick of it. It’s perfect for a girls night out as an excuse to dress up, or a sexy date with your man(;

If you are thinking about going to Sakana here is their address:

1046 Coast Village Road #K, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

*Also, they don’t take reservations! It’s usually really busy when they first open for dinner at 5 PM, so I suggest you show up a couple minutes early to get a table because the space is very limited.

My overall rating: 10/10

Tell me what you think in the comments if you have ever been to Sakana before!

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