“Hi my name is Brooke Baldwin. I am Jameson’s sister. I am 11 years old. I go to school at Laguna Blanca. I like to make up and choreograph dances and play instruments, and I am on a full time dance travel team that has dance competitions every two weeks. I also make hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube. I also like doing DIY’s (Do It Yourself) arts and crafts from YouTube. You get to do room decor and make cool things without spending money, which my mom likes.”

“When I grow up, I want to be a dancer at Joffrey Ballet. It’s a professional dance company for ballet and it’s only for the best people. I also want to be on Broadway and be a singer, actress, and model. I have big dreams people!”

“I look up to my mom and dad because they always try their best and they still work even when they have a bunch of kids. I look up to my older sister Jameson and Taylor Swift because she is a good role model and a very talented person. I also look up to Misty Copeland (a ballerina) because she was the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer which is a dancer at the highest rank within a professional dance company.”

“The hardest decision I’ve ever made was quitting horseback riding. I really liked horseback riding, but I was getting too many injuries and my horse Bella was a PHYSCO. I was on my horse going over a jump and my horse bolted, and my leg got caught in the fence and popped out of its socket and I flipped over the back of the horse.”

“If I were to make a difference in the world I would stop pollution because a lot of bad things happen from pollution. I want the planet to be pretty because you know, we ARE living on it. You wouldn’t buy a house if it was dirty and gross, so why would you wanna live on a planet that’s dirty and gross?”

“I would want to travel to London because I like doing British accents.”

“If I were to win a billion dollars, half of it would go towards clothes. Just kidding. I would give half of it to charity and people who couldn’t afford things.”

My notes:
My sister Brooke is by far the most creative 11 year old I have ever met. I watch her choreograph and record countless of dances, make beautiful arts and crafts, and style her hair and makeup in new ways every week. When I was 11, I was not even CLOSE to as mature as my sister is. She is so outgoing and full of energy all the time. She isn’t scared to speak up for herself or try something new. Her sassy and bold attitude is shown in her performance in dance, and she has a presence on stage like none other. I am jealous of her looks, because I know she is going to be one hell of a face when she’s older and everybody knows it. Love you Cookie.



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