“I think my greatest struggle is staying with things that I really love to do. Especially I feel that this year I’ve had less time after school because of homework and being at school a lot  longer during the day than last year because I was at a different school. I’m trying to get back to things that I really love like yoga, besides going back home and falling asleep every day.”

“The hardest time in my life was when i was in the 7th grade and i was at SBJH and i was very, very unhappy there and felt completely lost. A lot of my friends from elementary school went off their different ways and I was left with not very many friends and it was just a very weird feeling. Someone recommended to me to go check out SBMS and i ended up transferring there and thats how i overcame that issue in my life and it was the best choice I have ever made.”

“I think when people first meet me they think I’m kind of shy, they kind of think of me like: “Oh! You’re her little sister!” or “You’re her daughter” or “You’re that persons friend”. I think that my close friends who have really gotten to know me just see me as like… a crazy person. I do a lot of weird things and say a lot of random stuff and I think I make them laugh a lot. I view myself as how my very close friends view me and I think thats very important because they see my true self. I think that I am changing a lot right now and am growing into the best person I can be and always working on my kindness.”

“My biggest goal in life is just to go to bed each day feeling like you didn’t just waste that day. Feeling like you did something to help someone or did something for yourself to approve your own self to improve your own life. Whenever I go to bed at night I think “What did I just do today?” because sometimes when you’re at school and stuff you’re sitting at school half asleep and you think “… What the FUCK did I just do?” Although, theres usually SOMETHING small, like when I walked my dog and helped him not become obese. I guess thats my goal: to not waste a moment of my life because time is important!”

“I remember this feeling when I was in Oregon in 8th grade on a bike trip with SBMS and it was a really amazing, at-peace feeling when I was by myself taking a walk in a forest. We had to decorate this outdoor stage for a performance and I was picking these flowers and leaves. I was in that forest for hours, by myself, picking leaves until I saw my friends join and start picking  leaves and it was a really cool feeling that you don’t get everyday. I think about that moment a lot.”

“Both of my sisters are very influential people in my life. I think that both of my sisters both have taken very different paths in their lives: one is a doctor and another is an actor in college but they are both really amazing. They are not afraid to be their own person and do different things and not be like everyone else.”

“My favorite quote is from The Buddha who is a great spiritual influence in my life: “Peace comes from within; Do not seek without.” That basically means that you have to find your own wisdom and peace and not take from anybody else’s happiness, you need to create it for yourself. That is something that you have to remember. You have to make things for your life.”

My Notes:

Charlotte, ever since I met you I have always thought: “How could a person be so centered, down-to-earth, and loving; but be so f****** crazy at the same time?” I have never understood that but all that I know is I LOVE IT you crazy girl. You are the glue of Fab Four, without you we would all fall apart completely. You keep us from going crazy and tearing each others hair out at times (but it’s all out of love). I don’t know what I’d do without you!! I love you so much!

Cheers bitch,


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