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“In my life I want to save animals. By the end of this century, half of the species alive right now will be totally extinct from the earth because our whole planet will be heated up, because humans are so dumb. I want to make 75% of species stay alive instead of half. Generally just conserve nature and inspire people to go outside and do something. Promote sustainability. If I didn’t go to school I would rather save wildlife that had been injured. So many whales get killed between us and the islands and I would like to help people save them, instead of like, you know… World history notes.”

“I think that a lot of important work has to be done in Asia where people are killing species, for medicinal qualities. I want to teach the people who do that, that eating crushed up tiger toenails is NOT going to solve cancer.”

“I have a lot of different type of fish in my room. One time a big 20 gallon tank cracked that had a whole bunch of newborn fish and their mom and spilled and flooded in my room, but the fish were so small that they were just swimming around in the puddle of water in my room. So they lived in that weird, little flooded pond for 20 minutes until I found them. We had to catch them all. There was 3o of them, but we only found 20!”

“I have a snake that you can read about on http://wilsonsanimals.wordpress.com, and I have a chameleon that is going through a seasonal depression- which is really something that stresses me out everyday of my life- It’s a real thing. They lose all of its colors, it’s so sad.”

“The happiest moment in my life. It sort of depends on what kind of happiness. I feel like there is a peaceful kind of happy. One morning I woke up at Canyon De Chelly really early and I walked far away and climbed up a cliff and watched the sun rise. The shadow of one wall went all the way across the other wall and it looked so cool. Thats the peaceful kind of happy, I felt very centered. There’s another kind of happiness that I feel at the sea center when I’m telling them things about the ocean, and they walk away thinking “wow, the ocean is so cool”, or when I’m at the zoo telling kids about nature. Other types of happiness is when happy things happen to my friends. I feel good when my friends do good things, or when they are happy.”

Side notes

Wilson is one of my best friends. His unique view of the world and nature is very inspiring. You don’t usually come across a person with that deep of a passion. It is shown in the pictures above (the polaroid pictures of his room and the animals). His room is literally a zoo: filled with plants, animals, and fish. Right before you walk into his bedroom, there is an actual tree going through the room from the ground right through the roof. If you ever have the chance, I highly suggest you take a field trip to Wilson’s room and meet all of his pets!

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