“Seventh grade was a really tough year. I jumped into school with the reputation as a “slut” or “whore” without fully knowing what the meaning of those words even were. My face was posted on many Instagram accounts telling me to kill myself or shaming me for being a “slut”. Home didn’t feel safe for me, it felt like another danger zone.”

“My mom has been mixed up with alcohol and has hurt me in many different ways, at the end of 8th grade my mom had been taken away from CPS (child protective services). I felt so alone and hurt by the things everyone was saying or thinking about me and not having mom to talk about this with was an awful feeling too. This was such a hard time in my life and I am still recovering from the hurt in my heart.”

“My friends are so important in my life, I have the most amazing group of friends ever I could never ask for anyone better. My dad and grandma are a big part of my life, they are amazing, so generous and kind.”

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