“My name is Nico and I’m 16 years young. I am a Santa Barbara native and have no intention of moving away anytime soon. I’m a surfer and skateboarder and have a deep love for the ocean and nature.”

“I usually don’t care what people think about me. But now that I realize my reputation is affecting my quality of life and I have to pay attention. I think people view me as a roque 16 year old with no boundaries or cares. I feel like people think I have no consideration for anyone but myself at times. The people that think of me like this don’t know me very well but then again not many people do. The people that know me best view me as I view myself. I’m a pretty laid back person that just wants to be happy and have fun. People mistake “I don’t like to show my feelings because I’m scared of them” with “he doesn’t give a sh*** about anything.” Overall I view myself as someone who has a lot of potential if guided in the right direction.”

“Someone I love very much is my dad or as I call him, papa. He is also the biggest inspiration in my life. My dad is very special to me. The wisdom he has shared with me is one of the greatest if not the greatest gift I have ever received. My dad, Miguel, is one of the most inspirational and humble people I’ve met. He’s been to every continent in the world, won’t waste a single napkin, goes a week without a shower to save water (or might just be too busy), seems to brush his teeth 7 times a day, biked to the top of La Cumbre peak 4 times in a row, hasn’t drank in 14 years, and seems to have not 1 selfish bone or cell in his body. I love him because he has shown me how precious life is and how nothing is permanent. Through thick and thin he’s been there for me with wisdom and love and that is more than I could ever ask for.”

“My biggest goal in life is very simple: to be happy. As long as there’s a smile on my face and a smile on the face of the people I care about the rest doesn’t really matter! I believe that the richest man on earth isn’t the one who’s is the happiest. Another goal I have is to help people reach happiness for themselves. Life is too short to be consumed by the bad when you can be striving for the good.”

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